European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2016 – I’ll be there!

Looking forward to the European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2016 in Elspeet, The Netherlands! The seminar was initiated and organized by the wonderful Kamrin te Kronnie from Kamrin’s Poppenatelier. She’s the heart and the soul of the event, which combines courses and seminars in different disciplines of dollmaking, like face sculpting and weft making, a textile market and much more. Many dollmakers from all Europe and even overseas will come and meet and inspire each other with their knowledge and their dolls.

I will hold a crash course in CE marking (and I’ve not yet begun to prepare it…). But I’m much more looking forward to the courses I will attend as a participant: face sculpting on Saturday with Joanna Wesolwska from Lalidom and, at the next day, with Daria Gosset from Petit Gosset, who was one of the first dollmakers who’s dolls really let my heart beat.

I’m also looking forward to the wonderful location of Mennorode. I’m a bit worried currently because I’ve not yet managed to really create my course, my little daughter is sick and I still have to create a doll head for Joanna’s course. Even though I’m a last-minute type of person, I am worried whether I’ll manage my tasks until Friday.

After the seminar, I will write a report and let you know about everything I have experienced!