Soft doll girl Mathilda (18″ / 46 cm)

Mathilda (18″) is very soft, because her body is made of the soft doll jersey many dollmakers only use for the head. A while ago I used the soft jersey for a body by mistake and put it away. But now the time had come to use it for a soft doll, and voilà, Mathilda feels sooo good: she nestles into your arms like a cuddly child and just feels so soft and warm.

Her dress is made from a very fine Tana Lawn Liberty fabric. The yoke is smocked. She also wears a powder turquoise knitted cardigan with a pearl button, and a crocheted hair-band. She has light grey long undies and felt shoes.

Mathilda is not available any more; she found her new home in Redmond, Washington, U.S.

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