Margareta in lush greenery and cool urbanity

We moved a week ago, to a neighborhood in the center of Berlin, where lush greenery meets cool urbanity. Margareta is the first doll I made after a long pause of 6 weeks. I took the opportunity of the great weather and the new neighborhood to shoot some idyllic and cool photos of the doll. It’s hard to believe, but the lush woods in which Margareta rollicks and romps between jasmine and elder flowers, and the colorful 1970’s library building with graffiti (which will become a culture center soon), are just 20 yards apart from each other. Both locations are only a rough 100 yards away from our new home.

Margareta (16′ inches) wears a dress made of soft old linen, which stems from my grandmother’s endowment. The dress is embroidered with a powder blue ornamental seam. The floral undies are made of cotton batiste, and the shoes are made of wool felt. The wool of the knitted cardigan is powder blue cashmere.

Also, I refined my new pattern. I have been working on this pattern for quite a while. The aim is to achieve a more delicate, slender expression, yet more pronounced forms. So I experimented with more rotund calves, for example. I just love the pronounced calves of my daughters, so I thought it could be sweet on my dolls, too. I think I will need another turn until they are perfect, but I’m already quite content. I will also continue to work on the arms and hands, which will become thinner and more delicate, too.


With a doll, even concrete becomes beautiful.


Margareta tries to climb up the stump.


rotund calves


Made it!


Up on the tree


Some exercises on the tree


In front of the library’s mirror wall


Graffiti at the library’s wall


Lush greenery behind our house


In the meadow behind our house