Elisabeth in antique rose and grey

Before we leave for vacation to the Mediterranean, I would like to introduce you to the doll girl Elisabeth (with many photos). Elisabeth is a gift for the first birthday of a spirited and cheerful girl in late August. It was a great pleasure to create Elisabeth, because the wishes of the doll granny for the clothes quite agree with one of my favorite color combinations - antique rose with grey. This is precisely the color combination I had chosen when I selected the fabrics for one of my first self-designed dolls. (In the photos the rose looks a little pinkish, in reality, it is a real old rose).

Elisabeth wears a dress made of very light cotton, with hand-embroidered green stars in the color of her eyes. Additionally she's got a hat and leggings made of a 100% knitted cashmere, which is extremely soft.
The sweetest pictures of the doll I owe my daughter. It was her who came up with the idea to put clover blossoms into Elizabeth's hair. That was great, because the flowers have almost the color of the dress. Thus adorned, Elisabeth naturally wanted to climb the large plane tree. See Photos.

Elisabeth got nostrils what I rarely do. It was a feeling that nostrils could be nice on this doll, and in fact, she got somewhat cheeky which seems to fit well to the doll's little mama.

Dear Elisabeth, may you bring a lot of joy to your new Mummy! And I wish the granny a lot of fun with the hairstyling!

Green eyes and clover blossoms


Cornrows with flowers




100% Casmere Leggings


Elisabeth tries to climb a stump


With a bun and a flower scrunchy


Up on the tree!


With cashmere hat