CE manual

Easy CE marking for soft toys

Buy the manual for CE marking by sending a message to maike@feinslieb.net (75 Euros).

CE marking: Anyone can do it!

The manual saves you weeks of work and research!

My manual for CE marking includes:

– step-by-step instruction (25 steps, 120 pages)
– complete templates for the Technical Documentation with example text (easy to fill in and adapt, 58 pages)
– material certificates (test reports), especially for manufacturers of Waldorf-inspired dolls
– important documents and files
– graphic files (CE sign, washing symbols)

Customers’ voices:

“I’m really excited, the book is worth every penny, it’s incredible work in it!” (Barbara)

“I am so happy that you have made the important and difficult chapter of CE marking easier for many dollmakers!”(Susan)

“Your reader shines through your gift to think very structured, to formulate clear, to write concise sentences and to include a dose of humor! Great, Maike!” (Kathrin)

“What a great e-book you wrote!” (Katja)

“You offer us a huge help with your manual, thank you very much!” (Christina)

“Congratulations, the guide is awesome and very helpful!” (Daniela)

Price: € 75,00 (including VAT)
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What is included in the package?

The CE manual is an easy step-by-step instruction for manufacturers of soft toys who sell on the European market. The handbook guides you from the very first information unit to the design of your CE label. It includes detailed information about the security tests, selected material certificates for dollmakers, and contains a form which you only have to fill in with your own text and information. It is an “all-in-package” which will save you WEEKS of unnerving work.

What is CE marking about?

CE marking is one of the biggest obstacles for dollmakers selling in Europe. Everyone who sells toys in the European Union, and be it only a couple of handmade dolls a year, and „only“ in your private online shop on Etsy, is obliged to mark his or her toys with the CE sign. It is a mandatory element, like a passport. But the CE mark requires certain conditions. CE-marking your dolls or plush animals means doing security tests on your toys, and a lot of complicated documentation. If you do it all alone, it means weeks of research, reading legislative texts, creating dozens of legal forms — and probably giving up in the end because the whole bunch is just unmanageable.

With my CE manual, I take you by the hand from the very beginning, explain everything step by step, and provide with all the necessary forms. The compendium will save you many WEEKS of your valid time: The step-by-step instruction starts with comfortable reading, goes on to creating practical folders, helps with the delicate topic of material certificates and the writing of text, explains the mandatory tests in detail, helps with filling in the forms, and ends with the creation and the order of your personal CE label. The processable documents contain 55 pages of official forms with example text which you only have to adapt and fill in. I promise: With my handbook, CE marking is manageable by anyone. You can make it, too!

CE label on a feinslieb doll

Do I have to burn one of my dolls?

The flammability test is mandatory, but you can test with a dummy (test piece). Many skin fabrics, e.g. Laib Yala (the Swiss one) don’t catch fire at all, which means the test is done before the test piece catches fire. To burn a dummy (test body without personality) makes it a lot easier.

Flammability test with a dummy

Can’t I just declare my dolls as “collector’s objects” and thus avoid CE marking?

Unfortunately not. Even if you sell your dolls explicitly as collectors’ objects, they can still be recognized as toys by children. Especially dolls and plush animals are very attractive to children. This very probably means that you are obliged to CE mark your dolls.

If you want to buy the English CE manualsend me an e-mail. Thank you very much!

I need your help!

I’d be really happy and thankful if you could help me by
– sharing this information on your blog (contact me for cooperations)
– sharing addresses of suppliers for cloth doll materials of your country (skin fabric, hair, stuffing wool) in your country, or your favorite online / Etsy shops for dollmaking supplies
– sharing your online and offline sources (shops) for GOTS-certified fabrics and materials in your country
– sharing your chemical test reports / material certificates (if you have any): certificates according to DIN EN-71-3 and DIN EN-71-9, or certificates proving the conformity of the material with the toy safety directive

Nach der Spielzeugrichtlinie geprüfte Stoffe sind für die CE-Kennzeichnung Pflicht

Sources for dollmaking supplies and wool will be included in the compendium. I have done a lot of research myself, but I appreciate any contribution regarding your country’s suppliers!
Thanks a lot for any effort in this respect!

If you want to purchase the CE manual,  send me an e-mail. You will then receive all necessary information. The payment can be done with Paypal or bank transfer.

Thank you!