Carlotta, 16″ girl with freckles

Because I find her so cute and cheeky with her freckles, and because she wears a dress made of one of my favorite fabrics, I’d like to introduce doll girl Carlotta today. She is a gift for the baptism of a little girl. The doll mum is still young, but several relatives wanted to give her a nice doll. Because the age of intense doll play comes faster than you think. The doll mum herself has a very happy, funny character and red blond hair. So I thought that a doll with reddish hair and funny freckles would fit perfectly.

As clothes, the girl’s mum wanted a dress like the one of my doll Sophia. Sophia is one of my “model dolls” so beloved by one of my daughters that I can not sell her. I still had the gorgeous Liberty fabric in subtle gray and powder blue tones, so I could sew Sophia’s dress again. The cardigan is knitted from fine light gray baby alpaca.


Goodbye, Carlotta, I wish you lots of good moments with your new family!

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