Hi there! My name is Maike. As often as I can, I spend time in our cottage in the countryside in North-Eastern Germany. The other time, I live with my two daughters, my husband and our dog in a green idyll in Berlin city. 

Maike and the slow life

My blog is dedicated to the topic of slow life. Why? Because I think our world is too fast. Because our world puts great pressure on us to perform. This is not good for many people. That’s why I want to encourage you to take pressure and acceleration out of your life. Because we all deserve to live in harmony with our needs and preferences, and in harmony with the environment and nature.

How my life got “slow”

My path to a slow life was a long one. I am naturally a curious, active, extremely hard-working and often impatient person. I always have a lot more ideas than I can implement.

But at the latest when my children were born, my most important resource “time” became scarce. I tore myself up between work and children, because I wanted everything to be perfect and 150 percent. This first led to stress and then to burnout and great despair.

That was almost a year before the birth of my second daughter. Since then I’ve gradually changed my life. Very slowly, without a clearly defined goal. But always with the inner urge to live a life according to my needs and preferences. Because I had completely forgotten them for years. The (re-) discovery of doll making was only one of many steps.

Throw the old overboard

In order to find out for myself, I had to gradually overcome old thinking patterns. I had to throw overboard dependence on the opinions of others, fear of poverty and also status thinking. I had to learn to distinguish between what society is trying to impose on me and what I want / what is good for me.

I slowly learned feel my own needs, my very nature and my preferences again. And then to stand up for them and give them a place in my life. It was not easy at all. It took years.

Important milestones on the way to life as I live today were the birth of my second daughter (= even less time…), a liberating move within Berlin (= less financial pressure), the happy acquisition of our cottage in the country (= even more deceleration and nature!) And decisions regarding my work (which work makes me happy?). The latter in particular. Little by little I tell you about these events and decisions in the blog.

On the (imperfect) path

My life is definitely not perfect (what is that actually?). It isn’t and shouldn’t be. But I am and will stay on the path. And I know I’m on the right track. I suspect that many people long for the conditions of their lives to change. They want less stress, more rest and relaxation. Or they wish to bring sustainability and climate-friendly action into their lives. They want more time for hobbies, traveling or for their children or animals. Or they long for nature, or for doing good to the world. But they don’t know where to start. How should you free yourself from your living conditions and circumstances?

With my blog I would like to encourage you to take the first steps. Little things to change. Because every path, no matter how long and great, always starts with a few first small steps.

I also write my blog to support myself on my way. Because writing motivates me to start certain processes that I would not tackle without the bit of publicity that the blog represents.

I look forward to taking you with me and inspiring you to go your own way. I am happy to be your companion.

Me and the dolls

I discovered doll making (again) when I wanted to give my older daughter her first doll. So I became aware of how much joy and inner peace doll making gives me. Crafting a doll and making beautiful clothes for her makes me happy. Feeling the essence of a doll slowly maturing during manufacture, and finally holding the finished doll in my arms, satisfies my need for life and beauty.

My way to dollmaking

As a child, I played with Waldorf dolls that my mother made for me. That’s why I know about the power of these dolls and the strong impression they make on a child’s heart.

I made my first doll for a friend when I was 17, entirely out of my own imagination, without any specifications or sewing instructions. The body was from an old undershirt and I filled the doll with cotton wool. I sewed the clothes by hand from scraps of fabric.

When my first daughter was two years old, I wanted to sew her first doll myself. I did this in a course with Maria von Mariengold, who was a fellow student of mine. Two years and one child later, I started to make dolls based on my own designs for the children of friends, acquaintances and relatives, and experimented with patterns and manufacturing techniques. And then it didn’t let me go. Since autumn 2014 I have been reporting on my doll making on my Facebook page. The website was launched in 2015.

You can find pictures of feinslieb dolls here.

Maike and the CE manuals

In 2015 I wrote the CE manual for soft toys to support other doll makers and manufacturers of soft toys with the CE marking process. The CE manual for pacifier chains was published in 2019.

All information about the CE manuals and CE marking for toys can be found on the website Information on the English CE manual for soft toys will be added soon.

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