My name is Maike, a dollmaker and writer living in a green oasis in central Berlin, together with my husband and my two daughters.

Dollmaking gives me inner peace and mental quietude. Making a doll and beautiful clothes for her by hand just makes me happy and satisfied. Feeling the nature of a doll slowly maturing during manufacture and finally holding the finished doll in my arms satisfies my need for life and beauty. And I find nothing more beautiful than to imagine how a child plays with the dolls that I make.

Me and the dolls

As a kid, I played with Waldorf dolls that my mother did for me. That’s why I know about the power of these dolls, and the strong impression they leave on the heart of a child. At age 17, I made my first doll for a friend, all from my own imagination, without any instructions. The body was from an old undershirt of mine and I filled the doll with cotton wool. I sewed the clothes from scraps of cloth by hand.

When my first daughter was two years old, I had the desire to sew her first doll myself. I did this in a class with Maria von Mariengold, who was a fellow student of mine. Two years later, I started making dolls based on my own designs for the children of friends, acquaintances and relatives, and experimenting with patterns and production techniques. And then it did not let me go.

Since autumn 2014 I report about my doll making on my facebook page. My website has been around since 2015. In 2015, I also wrote the first CE manual to help other doll makers and soft toy manufacturers with CE marking (also available in English). The CE manual for pacifier chains was published in 2019 (only available in German).

Why “feinslieb”?

I baptized my label “feinslieb”, because the word for me includes what should be a doll – fine (in german: fein) and sweet (in german: lieb) and at the same time a “Feinsliebchen” for the child, which is an old German expression for a “loved one”. It is also a word that has a special meaning for me. You can find pictures of feinslieb dolls here.